My dear Colleagues and Friends.

Welcome to the World of Functional Orthopedics and to the great country of Argentina!

The terrible disaster suffered by our good friends in Japan opened the possibility for our country to act as host for the 2011 IFUNA meeting. We wish our colleagues in Japan all the best for the future and look forward to meeting with them in Japan in the not too distant a future. We believe that with the spiritual strength, ability and tenacity of the Japanese people they will be able to recover to full strength once again.

I would like to express my appreciation to the President of IFUNA, Dr. Michael Gorbonos, for giving the AAOFM the opportunity to host the 5th International Congress of IFUNA in Argentina.

The forthcoming meeting will gather some of the most prominent figures in our specialty of orthodontics and in so doing, attain a well-balanced collection of functional concepts from all over the world. It is indeed a wonderful privilege for the AAOFM to host this landmark event.

For fifty-four years our association in Argentina has been pioneer in the field in the field of functional orthopedics, and this opportunity to join in a meeting with IFUNA presents a further step in the effort to expand the field of functionalism into all corners of the world.

Experts from different countries will be joining us in Argentina. We believe that these experts will strengthen the strong convictions that we hold in the belief that Functional Orthopedics is more relevant now than ever before. Prevention, diagnosis based on etiology, treatment provided at an appropriate age, a diversity of therapies including neuromuscular re-education, the management of posture will, among others, be the topics that the leading experts will present. We look forward to the opportunity of hearing these presentations and trust that you will join us on this exceptional occasion.

This then, esteemed colleagues is why I invite you all to visit our great, and historically important city of Buenos Aires and to participate in the fifth international meeting of IFUNA.

It is my strong conviction that the meeting and our city will provide the ingredients for an enriching experience filled with academic excellence but above all, a memorable and warm human encounter.

Our doors are open to you, our friends from all parts of the world.

With warm personal regards,

AAOFM President Dr. Mario O. Pistoni

Dr. Mario O. Pistoni
President AAOFM
President IFUNA V

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